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Lice nits in hair

10 October

Lice nits in hair. I think I might have nits. There are little things that look like sesame seeds that are firmly attached to my hair and they are very difficult to remove. There are so many of the the Lice nits in hair that I am not sure how I can remove them.

Do you have any suggestions for treatment of Lice? You bet we have suggestions and they are very likely not what you have heard before about how to treat Lice nits in hair.

Most people run right out to the drugstore and buy one of everything they see on the shelf to treat head lice. This is the worst thing to do when you have head lice. Head lice are now immune to all of the pesticide lice treatments available.

In fact the only tried and true way to get rid of nits is to comb the hair out. In other words, mechanical removal of the the nits.

Lice nits in hair

Lice nits in hair

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