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how can you get lice?

31 October

how can you get lice? My toddler and my 5 year old end up sleeping in my bed every night.  Could they bring lice into my bed? Can I catch lice from sheets and pillowcases? No, head lice live exclusively in one environment, the human scalp. Head lice are transmitted exclusively via head to head contact, not bed to head contact. A clever head louse would never choose to travel to sheets or pillowcases, where it would get cold, have no food, and die. Proper head lice removal treatment experts NitWits understand this.  NitWits will guide you through the Head Lice removal process.

how can you get lice? Hairbrushes, combs, hats & hair elastics don’t transmit lice.For peace of mind you can put them all in a zip lock bag in the freezer overnight,  just for one night. Lice and nits are very temperature sensitive and they don’t like cold. One night in the freezer will kill both lice and nits, if there are any at all on your hair care items. Head Lice removal treatment is not complicated. It involves avoiding pesticide shampoos (they don’t work), and combing out the head lice and nits with the OMG Lice Comb. Want professional advice? Nitwits Intelligent Lice Removal Experts. Voted Best of Boston 11 years running! www.liceinfo.net 617-816-9487

how can you get lice? It is unlikely that selfies spread head lice. Lice are very picky. Head lice are not spread very quickly and are not easily transmitted, especially among adults. Although they can move rapidly in a host’s hair, they move relatively slowly from one host to another. Your child would need to press her head against another child’s head for at least 30 minutes, at one time, to have a chance of transmitting head lice.  Head lice removal treatments abound. Not sure which to choose? Call us for local, trusted, school nurse approved advice. 617-816-9487

how can you get lice?

how can you get lice?



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