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Natural Ways to get rid Lice

30 September

Natural Ways to get rid Lice. what are the best Natural Ways to get rid Lice? Pesticides no longer work to treat lice. Lice have been shown to be resistant to pesticides in 25 out of 30 states in the U.S. by Dr. Yoon of Southern Illinois University .

natural ways to get rid lice

Lice populations in the states in pink have developed a high level of resistance to some of the most common treatments. (Kyong Yoon, Ph.D.)

You can take any kind of cooking oil that you have in the house, we like olive oil, and saturate the hair with the olive oil. Then throw a couple of old towels over your pillow and sleep with olive oil in your hair. In the morning comb through the hair with the OMG Lice Comb. You may use the OMG Lice Comb every 3 days with hair conditioner to continue this Natural Ways to get rid Lice.

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