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How To Treat Lice in Home

22 September

How To Treat Lice in Home. My pediatrician told me to treat lice using pesticidal lice shampoo and it didn’t work. I read I need to bag stuffed animals and pillows to treat lice. I heard I should vacuum the whole house to treat lice. Are head lice in my house? Contrary to popular belief head lice are not in your house. You do not need to vacuum to treat lice. You can stop bagging stuffed animals. Pesticides are no longer effective in head lice eradication. Head Lice would never leave your nice warm head to travel to an inanimate object such as couches or carpets to wait for a new host, because the lice need a blood meal every 4 hours, and that head louse would die off a human scalp.  Head lice are confused with body lice, bedbugs and fleas. All of the vacuuming, laundering and bagging would be appropriate if you had body lice, bedbugs or fleas.  However head lice have a completely different natural history than these other human parasites. Head Lice spend their whole life cycle on the human scalp. www.liceinfo.net 617-816-9487


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