We Will Outwit Your Nits

Lice Treatment Removal Information in Boston Area

Lice, the most frightening day of my life!

27 May

The school nurse called and said my 2nd grade twins had lice. My whole world was suddenly turned upside down. I didn’t know the first thing about lice or head lice removal treatment. What I learned in the next 48 hours surprised and shocked me. Our school nurse said “You can bring the twins back after you have applied one treatment of an OTC lice treatment.” Well, I put the foul-smelling stuff on their heads, feeling terribly guilty about putting chemicals on my kids. The next day they were back in school. I thought we were done, but 3 weeks later I got another call from the very same school nurse and, low and behold, the lice were back! Aargghh!! Then we heard about Nitwits from friends. We got a same day appointment, & 2 hours later we knew everything about head lice removal treatment and how to prevent it from coming back. The best part about it? We were now completely free of lice. I slept for the first time in weeks. Thank you Nitwits! www.liceinfo.net 617-816-9487

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