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Lice! The word stirs terror in the hearts of parents

02 April

Parents hold their breaths throughout the elementary school years, hoping against hope that they will never get the dreaded phone call from school. “Your child has lice. Come and pick them up and don’t bring them back until they are lice-free!” When it happens your whole life gets turned upside down. You can’t sleep, you can’t eat and, most of all, you can’t tell anyone for fear of being ostracized due to head lice stigma. You can’t even begin to wonder about which head lice removal treatment to use. Here at NitWits we know head lice.  We have helped thousands of families over 10 years and we have been voted “Best of Boston” 10 years in a row! Come on over to our offices in Cambridge to see what all the buzz is about. www.liceinfo.net 617-816-9487

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