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7 Most Common Myths About Head Lice

22 April

1.Myth: Head Lice are in your house. Fact: Head Lice are only in your child’s hair. 2.Myth: Head Lice can jump. Fact: Head Lice can only walk slowly from one head to another. 3.Myth: OTC Head Lice Removal Treatment Shampoos are effective. Fact:Head Lice have become resistant to lice shampoos and they don’t work anymore. 4.Myth: People always itch when they have Head Lice. Fact: People rarely experience itching symptoms with head lice unless they have had it for over 6 months. 5.Myth: Mayonnaise effectively eradicates Head Lice. Fact: Mayonnaise may smother some of the bugs, but it will not kill the nits. 6. Myth: You can diagnose head lice by simply looking into the hair. Fact:Head Lice are extremely difficult for the human eye to detect as they have developed many effective camouflage methods to evade detection. 7.Myth: You must launder everything in your home and vacuum all your carpets and furniture. Fact: Head Lice do not ever choose to travel to an inanimate object, since clothing, bedding and furniture are too cold, too dry and lack food for a louse.

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