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Super Lice: Have they arrived in Boston?

04 February

Ah yes, the myth of the “Super Lice” will throw parents into a full blown panic attack. Actually it’s just the same old head lice that we’ve always had, only now they are resistant to every chemical in the head lice shampoos available to parents. Head Lice have survived for centuries by being able to adapt to the myriad of treatments, potions, poisons and gooey substances we have tried to eradicate them with.  One must have respect for the human head louse for being so resilient and hearty. So, although you may not be ready to raise a glass to the good old (but not “super”) head louse, you must admit that head lice have accumulated an impressive record of being able to dodge hundreds of years of head lice removal treatment attempts, thereby allowing them to thrive in 2014.

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