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I’ve been itchy for a month, is it Lice?

09 February

Contrary to popular belief, most people with head lice never experience itching symptoms.  Some people start to itch after 2-3 months of experiencing a head lice infestation. Like Mosquitos, head lice leave saliva, anesthetic, and an anticoagulant when they take a blood meal. The majority of people do  not have an allergic reaction to these substances, however some do. This allergic reaction can cause itching of the scalp and an allergic rash on the back of the neck, or other areas of the skin. Effective head lice removal treatment is the priority. Once the lice and nits are removed, it can take up to two weeks for the allergic rash to subside. Topical Benadryl cream can help with treatment of the allergic rash.

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