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The 5 most common myths about head lice

26 December

Myth #1: Lice are in your house. Fact: Lice are only viable on a human scalp. Myth #2: OTC pesticide lice shampoos are an effective lice treatment. Fact: Head lice have developed resistance to lice shampoos. The best head lice removal treatment involves combing the hair Myth #3: Head lice like clean hair. Fact: Head lice like all kinds of hair, clean or dirty. Myth #4: One “bad” family keeps reintroducing head lice into your child’s classroom. Fact: Head lice are present all the time in 5%-10% of elementary school children in the USA. Because head lice are so difficult to detect, your child, or any child, could have introduced head lice into your child’s school. Myth #5: You need to vacuum, launder and bag stuffed animals until the cows come home if you child has head lice. Fact: Head lice are not viable on sheets, clothing, stuffed animals or furniture.  Lice are very temperature sensitive.  Once of a warm human scalp, lice start to desicate, starve and die.



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