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How come there’s such Lice Stigma?

05 September

Yikes! Everyone gets so freaked out about lice! I don’t feel like I can tell my family and friends that my kids have lice. People will think I’m a bad Mommy, that I live in a dirty house and don’t bathe. How come there’s such Lice Stigma? I’m not sure about which head lice removal treatment works. Good news! Lice stigma has nothing to do with head lice, it is leftover from body lice a different insect that wreaked havoc 100 years ago, by carrying typhus and surviving in wartime conditions. Guess what? Your kid doesn’t have body lice, only head lice.  So stop worrying about what the neighbors will think. Head Lice is manageable and easily treatable without the use of toxic pesticides.  617-816-9487 NitWits!  Local, Trusted, Professional

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