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Top 3 reasons Head Lice such a big deal?

21 August

1. Stigma. There is still a huge stigma associated with head lice in our culture.  This stigma is outdated and incorrect. Head Lice are not associated with being unhygienic or impoverished.  That stigma would belong to body lice. Guess what?  Your kid does not have body lice! Head Lice make themselves right at home in the cleanest homes in Boston. Yet another stigma that is incorrect, head lice are not in your home, only in your hair. 2. Families are misinformed re: head lice removal treatment. Most families rush to the pharmacy for OTC or Rx lice shampoos.  Guess what? Lice shampoos don’t work anymore. 3. Parents waste time and energy vacuuming, laundering and bagging stuffed animals.  Guess what your kid’s stuffed animals don’t have head lice, neither do your carpets, bedding, clothing or towels.  Spend your precious time combing your kid’s hair to remove the head lice and head lice eggs (nits). Need help or advice? Call NitWits. We are here for you 24/7. 617-816-9487  www.liceinfo.net

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