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How Lice make themselves hard to see

19 August

Many creature in nature have developed camouflages in order to make themselves invisible to the human eye. Head Lice are one of these creatures. The 2 main ways that head lice make themselves undetectable to the human eye are 1. Head Lice are transparent, like a jellyfish and you can look right through them. 2. Head Lice eggs (nits) are iridescent, reflecting light in ways that makes them invisible to humans. Many creatures living in the deep sea also use the same adaptations to survive. These adaptations allow head lice to thrive on the human scalp in 2014 and make finding an effective head lice removal treatment difficult.There is only a very narrow bandwidth of visible light that is detectable by the human eye.  It consists of wavelengths between 390 and 780 nanometers.   http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/19/science/a-world-of-creatures-that-hide-in-the-open.html

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