We Will Outwit Your Nits

Lice Treatment Removal Information in Boston Area

Boston’s Best Kept Secret for Lice Treatment

28 July

Those in the know have been, for years, going to a tiny head lice removal treatment salon called Nitwits. Tucked away on a tiny street in Cambridge, MA, this salon is filled to the gills with highly trained and fabulously capable lice experts. You’ll arrive at Nitwits crying and leave laughing, wondering what all the fuss was about and how on earth you hadn’t found this little gem sooner. Started by Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH, a school nurse, Nitwits can get you in the day you call, treat your family lickety-split, all the while arming you with all the information you will ever need to know about head lice. Nitwits truly is the “Best of  Boston”, often only discovered through a quiet network of “word of mouth” referrals. 617-816-9487

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