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Top 3 reasons your child will get Lice at summer camp.

29 June

Head Lice are prevalent at summer camps and it is likely that your child will be exposed to head lice at summer camp for 3 reasons: 1. Head Lice are very difficult to detect so, although summer camps screen for head lice when campers first arrive, many cases of head lice are missed. Therefore lots of kids at summer camp have active cases of head lice. 2. Head Lice love warm weather and are able to spread and reproduce more quickly in warm weather. Thus a mild case of head lice on the first day of camp becomes a massive case of head lice by week 3 of summer camp. This allows lots of satellite lice to travel to new camper hosts. 3. Kids are making their best friends for life and spending 24 hours a day together. This gives head lice many more opportunities to spread from one scalp to the next, via head to head contact, as kids are hugging, cuddling and sitting by the campfire together. Even if your child gets diagnosed with lice while at camp, it is unlikely that the camp staff will know how to deal with lice with an effective head lice removal treatment.

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