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Help! My kids are sleeping in my bed!

22 June

My child climbs into my bed at about 3am each morning, am I going to get head lice from her?Head Lice are not in your Bed.Head lice are not viable off a human head and do not chose to travel off a human scalp onto an inanimate object. The human head louse has six small legs near her head. The distal end of these legs are claws, specifically adapted to cling firmly to the human hair shaft She does not have the kind of legs that would allow her to navigate on inanimate objects (as do fleas, ticks, and bedbugs). What is the best head lice removal treatment? Once you have conditioner combed your child’s head, she/he is no longer contagious because the only way head lice is transmitted is extended head-to-head contact. A large mature female louse has to travel directly from one child’s head to another child’s head. The teeth on the nit-free comb are so close together that all mature female lice are removed during the conditioner combing.

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