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Lice Treatment Removal Information in Boston Area

What are Lice?

28 May

Lice in 2014 refers to human head lice or Pediculosis.  Lice have existed since prehistoric times. These resilient bugs only infest humans, so you can’t contract lice from household pets. In fact, head lice never leave the scalp, requiring human blood to survive. Lice infestations are typically contracted through head-to-head contact, and infest small children from preschool to elementary age. Young girls are more susceptible to head lice infestations because normal behavior, such as cuddling and other close contact activities, invite infestations. In addition girls have a lot of hair and head lice like this. shutterstock_17243026While the number of head lice infestations annually is difficult to track, schools and lice removal manufacturers estimate that approximately 12 to 25 million cases effect children, mostly under age 12, each year.

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