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Kudos to the Boston Bruins

09 May

Great Hockey Game last night.  The Bruins shutout the Canadiens in a 1-0 thriller in OT.  Parents often ask us if lice can be spread by hockey helmets.  The truth is, helmets, hats, and hairbrushes do not spread head lice.  Head Lice have wonderfully designed claws at the ends of their 6 legs that have the strength of a hydraulic clamp.  Any time Head Lice sense the motion of a foreign object in the hair, such as taking off a hat, brushing hair, taking off a helmet or changing a shirt, the Lice clamp onto the hair shaft with their claws and wait for the disturbance to subside.  In fact it is very difficult to “knock” a head louse off of a human head.  Head Lice know that their lives are over if they leave a human head, so they do all they can to hold on.  Ergo the lack of Lice in helmets, hats and hairbrushes.  Head Lice can be treated safely with our Organic Eco-Friendly Head Lice Removal Treatment, which we shutterstock_102146698will teach you how to do yourself.          https://www.facebook.com/NHLBruins

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