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Lice Treatment Removal Information in Boston Area

Head Lice Love Spring Vacation

17 April

That’s right.  Head Lice are just thrilled that you and the kids are traveling to California next week to visit all the cousins.  Why?  Because the cousins in California have California Head Lice.  Your kids will return to Massachusetts with early Head Lice colonies starting to proliferate on their scalps.  You won’t notice anything for a couple of months and then boom, your kid wakes up one morning itching like crazy.  By then your kid has a healthy case of head lice with lots of bugs and lots of nits.  Help! You start looking around for what to do.  1. Don’t use pesticides, they don’t work.  2. Don’t wash everything in the house, that is not where the lice are. 3. Call us at NitWits and we will educate you on what to do.  You can do Head Lice Treatment Removal yourself, but if you want someone else to take care of it, make a same day appointment with us and you will finally be able to get some sleep tonight.  617-816-9487

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