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Feeling Itchy? It’s probably not lice.. To learn more. To learn more

05 April

That’s right. People with head lice rarely experience itching symptoms. When a head louse takes a blood meal, it leaves behind saliva,  an anesthetic, and an anticoagulant. Most individuals have no immediate histamine response (allergic reaction) to these substances. Over time, however, as the lice colony grows, flourishes and sends lice to host new satellite colonies on other scalps, some individuals, perhaps <20%, develop intense scalp itching and <10% develop an allergic rash on the back of the neck.  Some head lice removal treatments containing pesticides can also actually cause itching symptoms. If you find head lice confusing and stressful, take a deep breath. Head lice is manageable. Call us at Nitwits to learn more 617-816-9487 www.liceinfo.net


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