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Lice Infestation. Help!

19 February

Infested! Do we really need to use the word “infested” when talking about head lice? It sounds so awful. An easier way to think about head lice is to think like a louse. You need transportation, food  and a nice warm host, with plenty of new hosts readily available. Your child is like Boston’s Red Line to a louse (Before the Blizzards of 2015!). That’s right your child is providing free transportation, free food and a free place to stay for head lice. How generous of your child. The intricacies of head lice removal treatment, its natural history and detection, are so misunderstood, that by the time you discover your child (aka red line!) has lice, she has already passed it along to several other unwitting hosts! You have questions? We have answers. NitWits. 617-429-9243 www.liceinfo.net

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