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Summer Advice for Head Lice Prevention

Head Lice just love the warm weather. Why? Head lice can reproduce more quickly in the warm weather. In fact it actually takes less time for the eggs to mature and the lice to become adults. This means the life cycle of the human head louse goes faster in the warm weather. This all adds up to more head lice and more head lice cases!

In addition families travel a lot in the  summer to visit other family and friends with kids. This means that the California lice can infest the Boston cousins and get a free ride back to Massachusetts on the scalps of the Boston cousins! What to do? You can do a preventative lice comb-out with the OMG lice comb and our award winning OMG Lice Treatment Conditioner & Shampoo after you return from your trip. This will stop lice dead in their tracks if your kids have an early case, making it much easier to treat!

How do I keep my kids from getting Lice from the other kids at summer camp? Other campers will definitely be bringing Head Lice to summer camp this summer. Do an OMG Head Lice Comb comb-out on your kid for prior to sending them to camp. If it is a sleep-away camp, make sure to throw an OMG Comb into your child’s camp duffel bag.  Tell your child to use the comb once a week with conditioner in the shower at camp.  Then when you pick them up from camp, do another OMG comb-out to check for lice.

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